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Notary Longueuil, Brossard, South Shore  / Find your notary in Montreal and on the South Shore like Longueuil and Brossard.  To date, there are 3,800 notaries in Quebec, 20% of whom are located in the greater Montreal area.  Some notaries are more specialized in some specific expertise area than others, such as drafting wills, mandates of incapacity, everything related to real estate or being a wedding officiant!

What the notary does The notary is a specialist in law.  He or she can work on wills and advise you on what you want to include such as the choice of your heirs, the division of property, who will be the guardian of minor children, etc.  In addition, to draw a parallel to the will, he or she can assist the liquidator in the succession process in order to properly inventory the deceased’s assets.

As far as the real estate is concerned, the notary is responsible for meeting the 2 parties and drafting the deed of sale and if the case, the deed of mortgage.  He also examines the titles and verifies the certificate of location to ensure that everything is in conformity.  Thereafter, the notary is the bridge between the buyer and the seller until the signature of the deed of sale.

In terms of the protection mandate, he can draft your document, and you can decide who will take care of you and take care of the administrative management of your assets such as your home or business.  He will ensure that you appoint representatives and that you also name the replacement representatives.  He or she can also write you a power of attorney in the event that you need to temporarily transfer your management tasks to someone else.

Finally, having a notary as a wedding officiant offers you many advantages.  Not only will he travel to your ceremony place, in addition to being available on any weekday, but he can also give you all the advice you need regarding your marriage or civil union, your marriage contract, your matrimonial regime, etc.

Choosing your notary First of all, it is true that the fees and expenses related to the notary’s services may vary.  As mentioned before, each notary has his or her own speciality, whether in marriage, will, power of attorney or real estate.  It will be important that you look at the notary’s competence to see if he knows his expertise area well.

It is also possible to check if the notary you are contacting is registered with the Chambre des Notaires du Québec.  If this is not the case, it can be very expensive for you, because it’s possible that your document won’t be valid, if it’s drafted by a person who doesn’t have the right or the knowledge to do it!


Notary Longueuil, Brossard, South Shore  – Contacting a notary for different stages of life is essential.  Moreover, regardless of the fees and costs involved, his expertise in real estate, wills or other matters is more than appreciated.  If you stay in the metropolis or on the South Shore, it is very easy for you to find the right notary.  Make an appointment with one of them now!

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