Legal documents

A  public notary Montreal has the authority to administer affidavits, declarations under oaths and statutory declarations; marriage affidavit of marital status; he can help you with the legalization of your documents which you need to use in a foreigner country (apostille procedure Canada).

A public notary is a person who can serve as an official witness to the agreements between parties, execution of contracts, and an almost all legal documents. Notary Montreal. Services; certified true copy, notarized documents. The notary in Montreal may also affidavits, certified true copy, notarized documents, autentifications.The public notary  can also draft contracts, wills, mortgages, promissory notes, and other legal documents.

Certified true copy, certificate / authentication, verification, legalization, notarized, attested of documents services

You must send us the originals of the documents which you want to certify copy document and your identity cards. Fast, professional service, on the spot, ALSO AVAILABLE WEEK-END, at an affordable price and without hidden fees! Our experience, fast and professional notarization services are an advantage for our clients.

Invitation Letter for Visa Canada

Notarized invitation letter for visa –  Sometimes, when a person, a friend or a parent living abroad wants to present a visa application to come to visit Canada, the Canadian authorities require an invitation letter certified by a notary. Me Leopold Lincà notary Montreal can draft an invitation letter for you at an affordable price.

Declaration under oath – Affidavit

A written declaration under oath / affidavit. Formerly known under the name of affidavit, is a document which can be used when the law requires that form for a legal proceeding or when it requires from a person being sworn before signing a document. Before presenting you to our office, please check and bring all the necessary documents.


Commissioner of Oaths Montreal

The commissioner of oaths Montreal, Laval  is appointed to receive the oath of a person and not to certify documents. The Commissioners of oaths do not certify the truth of the statements contained in a document; which remains the responsibility of declarants or deponents themselves, they only administer the oath or declaration in the manner prescribed by law. The Commissioners of oaths cannot, due to his function, give evidence that a copy of a document is the copy of the original. He can take the oath of the person who presents him this copy and who declares to him that the copy is the true copy of the original document. However, this declaration does not have the effect of giving an authentic value to this copy. Commissioners of oaths are also empowered to witness any declaration as required under a statute. A commissioner of oaths only certifies that the required oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered. The deponent must be physically present before the commissioner of oaths. Also, the commissioner of oaths must be satisfied about the authenticity of the deponent’s or declarant’s identity and signature before he or she can sign the document themselves.

As public notary Montreal and Laval we offer you our services for all your needs for administering affidavits, declarations under oaths, legal documents, and much more.


  • Invitation letter for obtaining tourist visa Canada
  • Travel authorization letter for children
  • Affidavits and various power of attorney (for Quebec, Canada or abroad)
  • Power of attorney for buying and selling goods abroad
  • Parental authorization to travel
  • Id verification
  • Sworn statements
  • Declaration of un-married or single civil status
  • Copy of Proof of address
  • Copy of Identity
  • Affidavit of Identity
  • Affidavit of Single Status and Statutory Declaration
  • Affidavit for Commission of Licensing Applications
  • Affidavit for Legalization; Apostille Canada
  • Affidavit of Statutory Declarations
  • Attested documents
  • Affidavit of Common Law Union Statutory
  • Notarized Declaration
  • Certified Copies of Original
  • Certified Copies
  • Certification of Government Forms
  • Certify Government Forms
  • Certification of Signatures
  • Certify Signatures
  • Certify Identification
  • Certified Copies
  • Consent to Travel
  • Certifying documents
  • Certify Copy of Forms
  • Certify Copy of Diploma
  • Certified Copy of Court Order
  • Certify Copy of Birth Certificate – Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Certified / Certify Copy of Marriage Certificate; certified true copy of passport;certifies diploma;birth certificate copy of an act
  • Consent letter for children / travel authorization
  • Documents for Embassy
  • Florida Sale and Acquisition Documents
  • All documents needed to be signed before a Notary Public (Canada, US)
  • Certify Identification Copies
  • Complete service for documents certification – Apostille and legalization

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