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For lasting memories of this very special event, choose a wedding venue as perfect, unique and true as you are.



Montreal Wedding Venue – Ceremony Rooms – Marriage Celebration . A place for every dream – our magnificent wedding halls or our courtyard “Radiant Gardens” in Montreal (Quebec) dedicated for your civil marriage / civil wedding. Is it a rumor or is there really, this place that will meet all your expectations to celebrate your civil marriage? When planning your dream day, every little detail count and ultimately serves to create the atmosphere of your wedding, your magical moment.

That’s why you must pay special attention to that. It is with confidence that you can turn to Mtre Leopold Lincà notary, marriage officiant in Montreal who offers you an exceptional service at an affordable price; he celebrates weddings all over Quebec, downtown Montreal, or any other place, at the request of his clients.

Montreal Wedding Venue – Ceremony Rooms – Marriage Celebration. We are in Montreal, close to two beautiful parks; Hirondelles, Park and Gabriel-Lalemant Park. Mtre Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal, marriage officiant / wedding officiant in Montreal and civil union officiant, offers you an elegant and intimate setting in its two on-site wedding celebration rooms, to have an unforgettable ceremony, and to mark the most beautiful event of your life. Your guests will fully enjoy this special day in a unique atmosphere. Our ceremony rooms are very well illuminated, decorated with crystals, embroidered gold tapestries, mirrors and floral arrangements.

The ROYAL Wedding Celebration Room in Montreal


Do you prefer a wedding in Montreal, in a privacy venue? The ROYALE Civil Wedding room in Montreal can accommodate from 8 people offers you sobriety and simplicity and allows you to accommodate eight people for more private celebrations with the advantage of a very good value for money.

The IMPERIAL Wedding Celebration Room in Montreal


Montreal Wedding Venue – Ceremony Room –  Marriage Celebration. This magnificent wedding room is worthy of the most grandiose ceremonies, will make your wedding celebration an unforgettable event. Our wedding room in Montreal can accommodate from 20 people; it is the ideal destination for your choice of your personalized ceremony and for a magical setting with your family and guests.

Our courtyard “RADIANT GARDENT”: your corner of paradise to celebrate your civil wedding

Getting married outside, in communion with the beauty of flowers, what could be more romantic for your civil wedding?


You are looking for the practical side of celebrating your civil union or civil marriage/civil wedding in Montreal but would prefer this poetic and sunny side of an outdoor wedding. Notary Lincà, civil wedding officiant offers you this alternative to the ceremonial rooms inside.

The “Radiant Gardens” capacity 20 people  space is your corner of paradise for this special moment in your life. Treat yourself to the best of both worlds! An enchanting and rural setting, right in the middle of Montreal. Notary Lincà is proud to offer you the courtyard “Radiant Gardens”, and its tasteful decoration, so that your civil wedding ceremony, this summer, is as memorable as it is magnificent.

Come discover this enchanting place to immortalize your union. This floral setting exudes the poetry of your communion of heart. Inspiring, it offers you several different angles to immortalize your memories of this very special day of your life.

The courtyard space “Radiant Gardens”, transcends space and time. Everything is provided so that your choice to marry outside is the right one. With a great brightness, our flowered tent can accommodate up to twelve people with the civil union celebrant. In addition, it allows to combine intimacy and space in an enchanting and floral decor.

An intimate and floral atmosphere, an enchanting setting in the very heart of Montreal, this is what the “Radiant Gardens” courtyard of the Lincà study offers to couples wishing a memorable civil union. In this setting marked by the romanticism of your love, your imagination comes into play to take you to the ends of the earth and make your celebration, an unforgettable moment as well as superb photos to immortalize this remarkable day of your life.

For wedding photos, a relaxed, nostalgic approach to photography helps eliminate the stress of our customers. The important thing is to be able to capture with elegance these moments that you will cherish for eternity, with your spouse and all your  loved ones present during the celebration of your civil marriage. We therefore recommend a professional photographer for your civil marriage.

Larisa Photographer

Come and discover our elegant and functional wedding rooms!

To make a reservation or for more information, contact Mtre Leopold Lincà notary at 438-383-3116 or by email [email protected] today. ;his is where the creation of your unforgettable memories and new life begins!

With these photos, we present some of our happy married couples who made the excellent choice to have their civil marriage celebrated by the Lincà study

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