Legal info

Buying a home

Before purchasing a property, it is better to know all the procedures and data. As a notary, Maître Lincà will advise you and take charge of your purchasing record.

Declaration of co-ownership or undivided property

If you are considering buying a condo, it helps to know your rights and obligations as the owner of such property. Maître Lincà, notary in Montreal, will enlighten you and he can also prepare an declaration of co-ownership or an undivided property agreement.

Mandate of incapacity

To avoid painful situations, it is better to plan ahead and think about designating an authorized representative in case of incapacity, a person to make decisions in your best interest. Visit Maître Lincà, notary in Montreal to present the benefits of this document and the draft.

Notarized will

To ensure that your assets will be divided among your heirs according to your wishes and to avoid the pitfalls of a deficient succession: the notarized will. Go to the Maître Lincà notary’s office and draft your will safely.

Procedures to start a business and develop it

If you need professional advice to start your business, protect the assets of your company or resolve conflicts you can appeal to a notary. Maître Lincà, notary in Montreal welcomes you and takes care of the drafting of the necessary documents.