Travel authorization consent letter for children


Travel authorization consent letter. Consent letter for minor children travelling abroad – Travel authorization letter: Free Sample Letters Due to increasing concern for the safety of minor children, many governments including that of Canada have initiated special requirements when children under 18 years of age are travelling without both parents. Montreal Notary offering services for notarized travel authorization, permission letter for children to travel, consent letter, parental consent. We can draft the required documents for you and we offer our notary services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, the North Shore and the South Shore. Does your child have to travel abroad accompanied by only one of his/her parents (who both have legal custody), or even accompanied by a friends, gardian or a family member? Contact us.

Travel authorization for minor, consent letter for children travelling abroad, the notarized travel authorization. Such a letter may be required by immigration authorities, entering or leaving a foreign country. This letter proves that Canadian children have permission to travel abroad from their parents or guardians who do not accompany them.

If you are travelling alone with underage children, you will need to have a letter of parental authorization (also known as a travel authorization letter for a child or a consent letter for children travelling abroad or a travel affidavit) authorizing you to proceed.

Travel authorization consent letter to travel

This document can be drafted by your notary – he/she verifies the identity of the parent who is giving the authorization. It is essential that you keep this document with you throughout the whole stay. The competent authorities may ask you for this document when you’re leaving the country, depending on the laws in force in the host country.

Who needs a travel authorization?

  • A parent who wishes to travel or stay outside Canada with his children without the presence of the other parent must obtain the latter’s written permission to do so.
  • A friend or a relative other than a parent who wishes to travel or stay outside Canada with children without the presence of the children’s legal guardian must also obtain written authorization from the children’s legal guardians for that purpose and shall keep it with himself/herself during the whole journey.

Information in the travel authorization letter

This document should contain the following information:

  • The name and address of the parent(s) who is not travelling with the children
  • The name of the person who is accompanying (travelling) the child, his/her address and passport number and the relationship with the child.
  • The name of the child who will be part of the trip and the date of birth, age and passport number
  • The destination
  • The day of the departure from Canada and the day of the return to Canada
  • The place where the child is going to stay (the name of the hotel or other place) and the name of the city where it is located.

What if the other parent refuses to sign the travel authorization?

If the parent/custodian refuses to sign the travel authorization, the parent who wants to travel with the child alone will have to apply to the Superior Court in order to obtain a judgment allowing him to travel without the other parent’s consent. The Court may grant on not the travel authorization after hearing the grounds for refusal, all in the light of the best interests of the children concerned.

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