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Notarial will Montreal in Québec – Looking for a notary in Montreal (Quebec) and Laval to make your will or a testamentary search? Use our services for writing your to draft a notarial will. Mtre Leopold Lincà notary for the milestones of your life. Decide for yourself the settlement of your estate! Without having a will, it is the law that will decide for you. Have your notarial will drawn up by a trusted professional – Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary!


Following your death, the notarial will, which is a legal document, may speak on your behalf.

The notarial will – an indisputable value!

Price of cost preparing a notarial (notarized) will in Quebec.  The price of cost preparing a notarial will differs from one notary to the next and may vary depending on the complexity of your situation.

The costs usually cover:

Preparation of your will;

Signature of your will;

Storage of the original document;

Provision of a copy for your own files;

Registration in the registres des dispositions testamentaires et des mandats du Québec.

What is a will – What is the role of the will? A “Will” is a written document by which a person disposes of the manner in which his property will be distributed after his death. His last wishes may result either from an authentic act or from an act under private seal.

The word testament / will makes you immediately worried? On the one hand, it’s perfectly normal, we know that nobody wants to think about his disappearance. Here is the definition given by the Civil Code of Quebec, art. 704: “The will is a unilateral, revocable juridical act, established in one of the forms provided for by law, by which the testator disposes, by liberality, of all or part of his property, to have effect only in his death. ” Pay close attention to this particular characteristic: one-sided. The joint will does not exist, and paragraph 2 of the same article expressly mentions it: “It can not be done jointly by two or more persons”. This provision ensures the testator absolute freedom to test and prevents the danger of a person to make a donation against his will; this rule sanctions the individual and personal character of the will; also, no one can abdicate his ability to test (article 706 CC.Q.)

It should be understood that the role of the notary is not only the writing of a will, because it is essential to appeal to him for many situations. On the other hand, being anticipatory or making sure that your future disappearance does not cause your descendants even more hassle than the inevitable pain is proof of maturity and generosity.

Do you know that a holograph will or will in the presence of witnesses must be verified by a notary after the time of your death, but not the notarial will? In this case, probably the notarial will is the best option for you. Mtre Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal helps you to prepare and draft your customized will at the best price, he prepare your last will according to your instructions.

Call our office today, Me Lincà notary in Montreal, will give you the best advice for your notarial will, and will explain you all the necessary procedures after the death: testamentary search according to the laws of Quebec, settlement of the estate, partition between the heirs, etc.

Price and cost of a notarized will in Quebec

What is the price and cost of a notarized will? In general, the basic price for a notarized will is $250 to $500. Fees vary depending on your situation and the complexity of your case. The fees of Maitre Lincà, notary in Montreal, Quebec, for this service are starting from $400.00.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected of life! The notarial will – a guaranteed value!

Me Leopold Lincà Notary will Montreal at your service in Laval North Shore, Longueuil South Shore and surrounding for the writing of your will and testamentary planning. Home service, hospital center, long-term care center. QUICK AND QUALITY SERVICE!

Do you want peace of mind, knowing that your assets will be divided among your heirs according to your wishes or a support person will take care of your business and your person in need?

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of a deficient succession, or give legal force to a mandate?

Death without a will

Upon the death of a person who had no will, his estate will be distributed according to the articles of the Civil Code of Quebec. So, it may happen the deceased’s assets will not be distributed as it would have wished.

In Quebec there are 3 types of wills: holographic will, will before witness, and notarial will.

Notarial will

Notaries are the professionals to turn to when making a will. Wills prepared by a notary are the best type of wills that exist in the province of Québec. The will prepared by a notary will ensure that minor children are protected and that the right persons are entrusted with their upbringing.

Your notary is the professional to help you prepare your will. He will help you make informed choices and will explain all legal and judicial implications. Your notary will answer all your questions and make sure to phrase your wishes clearly, to express everything you want to say about your heirs, the share of your inheritance, the tutor for any minor child, the transfer and management of your business, and more.

The Advantages of the Notarial Will

Unlike the holograph will and the will made in presence of witness, notarial will takes effect at the time of the testator’s death. A notarial will is a precious document both for you and your heirs. Your notarial will is always protected. It cannot be destroyed, altered or modified. The notarial will does not need to be subject to a verification procedure by a notary or by the Superior Court of Quebec, verification process which involves expenses and delays. Moreover, the will made before a notary being registered in the Register of wills of the Chamber of notaries in Quebec, it will allow easy identification and rapid implementation if necessary. If, on the contrary, your will has not been prepared by a notary, it will have to be probated by a notary or by the Court. This requirement will incur some delays for the settlement of the estate and some costs higher than the ones incurred for the preparation of a will by your notary. The risk of distraction, degradation, or loss of the notarial will is thus eliminated. And if you do not have any will, then the law will determine your heirs and the share of your inheritance for each one.

The notarial will therefore provide faster and cheaper process of settlement of the estate. The notary will explain the precise definition and scope of the legal terms used in a will, such as those are concerned to particular legacy, residuary universal legacy and the nomination process of a liquidator and replacement liquidator.

Change Your Will

To change a will, you can make a codicil or make a new will. The codicil is recommended for minor changes to a will. For major changes, it is advisable to make a new will.

The price of the notarial will

Like any other legal act, the cost varies according to the demands of the client in each file, and also with the expertise and the experience of the notary. Our price is competitive, and you will benefit from a courteous, personalized service; you will pay the fees only according to your needs! We offer our notary services at Montreal, Notary Laval, Notary Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Notary Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Leonard, Verdun, Ville-Marie, Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, Notary Brossard, Montréal-Nord, Notary West Island, Notary Montreal Downtown, Notary Outremont, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles, Anjou, Notary Côte-des-Neiges, Notary Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Notary Westmount Montreal, Notary Plateau-Mont-Royal, Lachine, Lasalle, Notary L’Île-Bizard–Sainte-Geneviève, Ile-des-Soeurs, Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Pointe-Claire, Notary Montreal East, Notary Montreal West and in the neighbouring areas, and we can travel in your service, at an affordable price


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