Notary in Montreal, Me Leopold Lincà and his team


Notary in Montreal Leopold Lincà welcomes you!

Notary in Montréal – Member of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec, Maître Lincà notary is ready to advise you, help you and explain your rights, commitments and obligations. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montreal and a diploma in notarial law, he opened his own notary office in Montreal, to meet the needs of his clients. His firm offers you the legal expertise you need in a variety of legal fields, professional and personalized services in a dynamic environment, in complete confidentiality. Building on an excellent reputation thanks to its constant growth, our study allows us to constantly diversify our service offering, without ever compromising its quality. Notary Lincà participates in several training sessions each year, even beyond the minimum hours required by his Professional Order, in order to acquire new knowledge in order to offer his clients exceptional service. We offer our services in French, English and Romanian.

Maître Lincà notary in Montreal works in several fields, notably in real estate law, inheritance law, family law, drafting of wills and protection mandates and celebration of marriage or civil union. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he is recognized as a reference source, particularly in the real estate and family fields. We can advise you judiciously and take care of all your needs, studying your particular case, advising you and presenting you with advantageous solutions.


The team of Maître Lincà Notary in Montreal and Wedding Officiant 

The team – Veronica Schipor (secretary), Jean-Paul Cloutier (assistant) and Claude Verret (paralegal) are all experts in their fields of expertise. Each of these has a specific task, depending on their skills. The notarial field is increasingly rigorous and each member of his team is trained to have the skills required to prepare your file in the right way.

Whether it is to help you with the purchase of a building, the sale or refinancing of your property, the drafting or preparation of your will or protection mandate in case of incapacity, a will search, the settlement of an inheritance, an immigration file or for your wedding/civil marriage celebration  or civil union, a marriage contract or civil union contract, a visa invitation letter, a travel authorization letter for a minor child, a sworn declaration, certification and document legalization, you can count on us to assist you quickly, confidentially and affordably.


Trust is essential

Notary at montreal

Its watchwords: Rigor, Honesty, Excellence and Integrity. Rigor is required at all times in his team. Its goals are to respect its commitments, detect and correct any potential problem for its customers.


Notary at Montreal – Superior expertise

Notary Lincà in Montreal develops its expertise continuously, at the rate of growing demands, while offering you a superior quality of service. Our firm is always developing new areas of expertise and Maître Lincà does not hesitate to ally himself with specialists in other areas of law in order to offer the most exemplary service to his clients.

Our priority: offer to our clients a wide range of legal services and direct them to the qualified professional resource that best meets their needs. Our fees and affordable prices for our notarial services are tailored to all our clients; the competitive costs that we apply reflect the reality of your case.



Our mission

Unparalleled service, being attentive to the needs of our customers, supporting them at every major stage of their life and offering them exceptional quality service, so that they are properly advised – this is our first mission. 

In order to provide you with legal advice adapted to your situation, we are available at the end of the week, we can travel to render you services and it will be our pleasure to meet you, under certain conditions, for emergencies, at our office, even without an appointment! 438-383-3116