How to find a notary at Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Brossard, etc.? Notaries are quite numerous.  In addition, you need their services for a real estate transaction, the drafting of a will, a protective mandate, marriage celebration, the settlement of an estate, certifying documents, and many other notarial services.  Of course, the notary can celebrate a marriage or civil union!  But ask yourself one question first: is the notary, whose services you are using, registered with the CNQ (Chambre des Notaires du Québec)?

Why check the registration?

Perhaps checking the registration of your notary may seem useless at first sight, but like many professions, it’s possible that some people declare themselves notaries without being registered.  If you use a fake notary, this one will give you poor advice and, moreover, he has no right to act as a notary!  In addition, signed documents may contain errors that will be invalidated.  There will be no recourse on part of the CNQ.

How to check the registration of a notary

Now that you know the reasons why, you wonder how you can see the registration of a pseudo-notary.  It’s quite simple: go to the CNQ website and do “Find a notary”.  Make sure that the spelling of the last name and first name are exact so as not to mislead yourself.  If you cannot find the notary with whom you are doing business, contact the CNQ to report your situation.

Background of the pseudo-notary

A person who declares himself a notary without being registered may have been penalized in the past.  Although the disciplinary history is not on the CNQ website, it’s possible to consult the Disciplinary Council section.  The latter displays the hearing schedules and the decision rendered regarding the person at fault.  If you have any doubts about a supposed notary, it’s possible to see if his name appears in the Council’s hearings.

Reporting a fake notary

A profession registered as a notary requires registration with the CNQ.  Otherwise, acting as a notary without being registered there is the exercise without right of the notary’s profession.  If you are dealing with an unregistered notary, it’s your duty to report it.  To do so, you must declare your situation to the Syndic’s Office of the CNQ either by e-mail or by telephone.


If you use a notary, it’s because you need maybe a wedding celebration service, a sale or purchase of property or the drafting of a will or mandate of incapacity.  These steps are too important for you to be poorly advised by a notary not registered with the CNQ.

You can check the authenticity of this notary on the website of the Chambre des Notaires du Québec.  You can also see if this notary has already been penalized before.  If it is not in the register, you must report it.  Do not be badly advised for important life stages by a fake notary and spare to others this situation.

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