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WILL (TESTAMENT) – What is a will and what is the use of a will; will according to your last wishes, but at what cost? Preparation and writing of a will. There are three types of wills on the market: notarial will, holographic will and before witnesses will.  With these choices, it can become difficult to choose the right will for you.  Some are more advantageous than others, but the key element can also be the price.  Here’s how to make your choice better.

Notarial will

Notarial will (testament) is made by a notary. You have to sign it in his presence.  Notarial testament does not need to be verified after your death. The advantage is that the testament will be kept in the professional vault of the notary and registered in the Register of Wills and Mandates of the CNQ, which makes this choice safer.  Then the notary can advise you on different aspects – what to include, share the inheritance and reduce the tax to collect after you die.

Despite all these advantages, it remains that the fees vary from $250 to $700 and sometimes more, depending on the expertise of the notary and the complexity of your situation. You must consider all your options and analyze your situation before selecting your notary.

Will before witnesses

This kind of testament can be written by you or by a designated person.  Once done, the document will have to be signed by you and two major witnesses and they don’t have to be heirs in the testament.  Of course, writing your testament yourself is free, but there is a double edge: when you die, it must be verified because it was done without a notary.  The audit can cost up to $1,500, on the reference prices today, for your loved ones.

Holograph will

Holographic will is similar to that before witnesses, but the big difference is don’t ask for a witness and it’s you who write it and sign it entirely by hand.  It’s advisable to mention to a loved one where you intend to keep your will.  Again, it’s free, but it’s the check that will cost your loved ones because it is not notarized.  The audit can cost up to $1,500, on the reference prices today, for your loved ones!

Will (Testament) on the Internet?

For a fee between $10 and $50, it’s possible to make your testament according to a template to be filled out.  This type of testament has the advantage of being a good guide and be sure that nothing has been forgotten about inheritance and sharing.  However, disadvantages will be like those of the holograph and before witnesses, but also, the form template is not adapted to your needs or situation.


You have noticed that there are different ways to make your will, whether in front of witnesses, on the Internet, holographic will or with a notary.  But each one has their advantages and disadvantages, including the cost and protection offered. You must answer only one question: is it better if you pay a little now to have your will written by a notary, that your last wishes are respected, or is it better to pay nothing (or almost) now, but your loved ones may have complications (and pay a lot more in the future)?

Yes, a notarial testament is expensive, but to see your wishes fulfilled after your death, it is priceless.  It’s up to you to make a choice.

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