Wanting to buy or even sell a property (house / condo) is a task requiring a lot of effort.  However, aside from working with a real estate broker, having a notary is more than important.  Here is an enumeration of the benefits that this provides.

No more bad surprises

The process for the sale or purchase of a property is complex.  Doing business with a notary is an advantage as the latter is an expert in the real estate law.  So he can make you aware of everything around the transaction.  A contract can have complicated terms, but a notary can make you understand what the terms mean, before the seller/buyer commits to anything.

Avoiding debts

In a real estate transaction, there may be debts to be paid, especially those of the mortgage of the construction of the property.  This is the debt of the contractor.  The one who buys does not want to find himself with debts that do not belong to him!  The notary is there to make him aware of the consequences if he decides to take the payments in charge.

See the different ways of financing

Should the buyer take a new mortgage?  Is it better if a sales price balance is made towards the seller?  Each transaction has its financing that can adapt to the needs of buyers and sellers.  The notary can analyze with them the different ways so that everyone is a winner.

Protect spouses who buy

Whether a couple is married or not, it often happens that they buy a building together.  This action is commonly referred to as “having a building with two names”.  They become co-owners by indivision.  When that happens, it is strongly advisable to do business with a notary so that he writes in your deed the rules concerning the management of the property.

Ensure that a document is valid

In Quebec, a real estate mortgage must be received in an act en minute by a notary.  Otherwise the mortgage will not be valid.  Indeed, the notary is among the only ones to know fairly well the legal procedures in order to ensure protection, both for the buyers as for the sellers and the creditors.  As a result, the notary can check the entire document to ensure that it is in compliance with the law.

Get permission

To sell a property, you must of course have the right to do so!  Otherwise it is likely to have a lot of trouble.  The notary can advise the seller on the necessary authorisations and consents, also the steps to be made to obtain them.  An authorization may be required in the case of some buildings, the residence of the family or the building of person in custody.


In the end, buying or selling a property remains a complex thing and it is necessary to have a notary at his side.  It can give you information about a document, inform you of the steps to be done and avoid financial worries.  Always inform a notary before you want to sell or buy a property. Anticipate your expenses during a transaction; each notary has their own fee, and the files are different. The prices of notaries in Quebec may vary depending on their experience, the type of file, expertise required in each situation, etc.

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