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Me Leopold Lincà is an experienced notary who is practising in Montreal and the neighbouring areas. Our office is located in Ahuntsic-Cartierville near North Montreal.

We offer professional services and our appointment will include courtesy, competence, speed and confidentiality at a good price.

YOUR ADVANTAGES for choosing Mtre LINCÀ, notary:

  • The first meeting, the evaluation of the file and the analysis of the client’s needs and desires are FREE of charge.
  • By appointment, if available, we can also offer weekend services.
  • We can travel according to the specific needs of our clients (at their home or residence, to the hospital, to their workplace).


  • Invitation letter for obtaining a tourist VISA
  • Authorization travel letter for children
  • General or special power of attorney for purchasing or selling goods abroad
  • Declaration under oath (Affidavits)
  • Legalization or certification of documents
  • Very reasonable notary fees

Our legal office is able to assist you in the following:

Real estate: Do you want to buy (or even sell) a house? Do you want to pay your debts through a refinancing? Do you want to write off a guarantee that strikes your property and your assets? Do you want to deal with a neighborhood problem or to solve an issue between co-owners?

We can help you by drafting the following actions and by explaining to you the implications and the consequences of the matter:

  • Loan/Sale Documents
  • Real estate mortgage
  • Financing & mortgage renewal
  • Receipt
  • Easements
  • Declaration of divided co-ownership
  • Indivision agreement
  • Rental agreement
  • Donation
  • Grant of the city
  • And more…

Wills, mandates, successions: Do you want to have some peace of mind, knowing that your property will be shared among your heirs according to your wishes or that a trusted person will take care of your business and also of you, as needed? Do you want to avoid the traps of a succession deficit or of enforcing a warrant? We – Notary North Montreal – offer you a great range of services appropriate to each situation and we will also give you all the legal advice and necessary tools in order to be able to achieve your goals in the following situations:

  • Writing of wills
  • Will checking
  • Searching for wills
  • Designating a liquidator
  • Testamentary trust
  • Power of attorney and incapacity mandate
  • Approval of mandates
  • Drafting an inventory of assets
  • Proposal to share property
  • Transmission of immovable property
  • Accounting
  • Settlement of a succession
  • And more…

Marriage and civil union. Are you looking for a celebrant of your civil marriage?

Do you want to celebrate your wedding in a simple way at our office? Do you want to marry or to civilly unite with your loved one in the place of your choice (even abroad), while also respecting the laws regulating the formal and the substantive conditions which validate your union and make it universally recognized?  Do you want to protect your heritage while also protecting your partner and other members of your family? Do you want to know more about your rights and your obligations in both marriage and civil union?

We offer you a customized wedding and each ceremony is unique; we’ll be at your disposal in order to help you make one of your greatest dreams comes true. Our schedule is much more flexible compared to the one of the Courthouse. You can even choose to celebrate your wedding in a weekend or during a holiday. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning marriage, civil unions, or any other matrimonial regimes available for you.

Contact us – Notary North Montreal – and we will answer all of your questions for all kinds of scenarios including the following:

  • Marriage or civil union ceremony
  • Marriage or civil union contracts
  • Modification of the register of civil status
  • Common-law living arrangements for common-law partners
  • Patrimonial balance sheet
  • Contract of the civil union dissolution
  • Sharing the family patrimony or renouncing it
  • And more…

Business and corporate. Do you want to protect your company’s assets, acquire shares, settle a thorny issue with an owner (or tenant) of a commercial building, review contractual clauses, incorporate or dissolve a company? Come and see us and we will find together the appropriate solution to your problems for different situations:

  • Purchase/sale of companies and businesses
  • Sales’ reviews and purchase contracts
  • Drafting sales contracts
  • Drafting commercial leases
  • Revision of lease clauses
  • Incorporations and dissolutions
  • And more…

Immigration. Do you want to bring your family to Canada, invest, study or challenge your skills, all of these while working in Canada? The solution for these is to have a proper accompaniment throughout the immigration process, to inform the authorities that are competent in the matter, while also respecting the conditions imposed by the laws and regulations in the immigration field. As notaries – Notary North Montreal – we can offer you a service which meets all the requirements in this area for several types of files such as the following:

  • Work, study, sponsorship or investors
  • Assessment of the file
  • Verification of documents
  • Follow-up of the file
  • Accompaniment of the customer throughout all the stages of the process

Have faith in this experienced professional.

Me Leopold Lincà NOTAIRY North Montreal

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