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Notary Laval – If you are proud to live in Laval, you are right to feel like that, because this remarkable city has something to charm both its inhabitants and its tourists. Located on Jesus Island and conveniently close to Montreal, Laval ranks third in Quebec in terms of population (425.225 inhabitants in the year of 2015), and also in terms of economic development, after Montreal and Quebec.

Almost half of its inhabitants have succeeded in making a career in the city thanks to the various opportunities in business areas such as high technology, commerce, services and also health.

Moreover, in the past years, the local administration has deployed a whole strategy, in order to stimulate the economic development of the city by simplifying the investment procedures in Laval.

This efficiency of the relations between the institutions and the companies is responsible for making the city one of the most welcoming ones for entrepreneurs.
The city is also rich in entertainment opportunities, providing young people and families with a generous infrastructure of amusement parks, shopping centers, beautiful natural sites, as well as cultural events for all tastes.

No matter if you are passionate about shopping or not, you will not be able to ignore the economic and the social value of shopping centers such as Carrefour Laval or Centropolis which will provide you with all the daily necessities and will also offer you the following opportunities: the possibility of enjoying a cup of coffee, of seeing a movie, of meeting with friends and so on. For those of you who are fashion enthusiasts, these shopping centers are home to hundreds of boutiques and stores of major local and also international brands.

Sports enthusiasts can find karting, paintball and climbing in Laval, and the little ones can have fun at Futuropolis and at the Children’s Museum.

In short, Laval is one of the cities where the common efforts of the citizens and of the institutions result in a pleasant and evolved climate.

It is precisely in this context that Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary in Laval and Montreal, takes pleasure in putting his skills to the benefits of the residents, knowing that through his efforts, he also contributes to the social cohesion of the community to which they all belong.

Notary in Laval and Montreal, with extensive experience in family law, real estate, business and immigration law, Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary, accompanies you through your legal procedures with high competence, rigor and courtesy and he also comes wherever you need him to: Fabreville, Laval-Ouest, Laval-sur-le-Lac, Les Îles-Laval, Sainte-Dorothée, Fabreville-Ouest Duvernay, Saint-François, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Laval-des-Rapides, Pont-Viau, Chomedey, Sainte-Rose Fabreville-Est, Vimont, Auteuil, Boulevard Sainte-Rose, Boulevard St-Martin, Boulevard Concorde, Boulevard Corbusier, Boulevard Cartier, etc.

If you are getting married and if you are looking for a wedding celebrant, or if you want to buy a property, write a will or a mandate, Mtre Lincà, notary in Laval and Montreal will be able to offer you the legal solutions that are best suited to your specific expectations and to the needs of your family.

Entrepreneurs, if you are looking for a notary in Laval or Montreal,

will be a reliable, diligent and a dedicated partner.

Legal services customized to every client’s profile, fair and competitive pricing (global costs of your file at a very reasonable fee), pleasant and enriching relationships – these are the main advantages that you will get by contacting Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary in Laval and Montreal.


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