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Notarial  will in Quebec – drafting your will by the notarized notary in Montreal. Are you thinking about changing your will and want to know what to think before having your testament written?  The notary is the best professional for the preparation of such a document, because each situation is unique and therefore requires special attention when it comes to writing your last wishes.

Common avenues of reflection

In your will, you can include many things.  Even after a discussion with the family, you can choose what concerns your funeral: place of exhibition, burial, cremation, who will be the carriers, etc.

One of the most common and important aspects of a will is the choice of heirs.  In this case, you may include your spouse (married or common law), children, family, etc.  It is also possible to draft your will based on whether you and your spouse would die or if the whole family had an accident.  Your notary can advise you on sharing.

Also, the other important element of the will remains the division of property.  What do you want to leave to whom?  This may include your property, your material assets, a sum of money or the management of your business if you own one.  If you have minor children, you can choose the guardian of them.

I hadn’t thought of that!

Notarial will in Quebec. Although possessions and the choice of heirs are the first thing you think about when writing a will, the fact remains that this deed can be even broader and more detailed.  This is where you can name your liquidator, the person who will handle the estate.  Choose this person carefully because he or she will usually have the full administration of your estate, has to search for your heirs, make an inventory of your possessions and debts and see if the estate is accepted or refused by your heirs because of a surplus of debts (deficit estate).

If you have minor children, you can also appoint a custodian and an administrator of their inheritance and decide at what age they will be entitled to manage what is due to them.  Also, even if you have not signed your RAMQ card, it is possible to include a section on organ donation.  If you don’t want to, don’t worry, is not mandatory!

Finally, you can include a degree of transmission of your assets.  In this case, you can prepare a prolonged administration or a trust.  It is better to ask your notary for more details.


There are many things to think about before making a will.  As much the choice of heirs, as the sharing of your property, as the details of your funeral.  Not to mention that you must include everything related to the choice of your liquidator, the custodian of your minor children the administrator and others.

No matter what you want to put in your last wishes, your notary is there to guide you and give you the best advice adapted to your situation.  Consult the notary of your choice now! Me Leopold Lincà NOTARY


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