Montreal Home Ownership Program – Montreal Subvention.

The main objective of the Municipal Property Acquisition Program is to help first purchasers of an eligible unit (whose eligibility criteria are determined by the City of Montreal) to become owners in the territory of the City of Montreal, and it addresses especially to the families who wish to settle on the territory of the City of Montreal who are buying their first property. The amount of the financial assistance will vary according to each file.

During the process of obtaining financial assistance, a notary is required, in order to receive, to write and to publish an instrument in the Quebec Land Registry. In order to fully benefit from this financial assistance which is offered by the City of Montreal, you must respect the conditions set by the City of Montreal to become qualified and to commit you to be the owner for at least three years from the date of purchase.

The City of Montreal does not charge a fee for the filing of an application, but notary fees as well as publication fees in the land register will be invoiced by the notary who is drafting the commitment to remain owner and to benefit from the financial assistance.
The city of Montreal provides financial assistance to new buyers of certain types of residential units.

• Lump sum for new property
• Reimbursement of transfer taxes
• Residential renovation program

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