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Notary in Laval  / Find your notary in Laval, Montreal, Longueuil – Estate, Will, Protective mandate, Marriage, Real Estate.

Leopold Lincà is a notary offering legal services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil.

With a lot of experience, he offers you quality notary services with legal expertise in many law fields – real estate, civil marriage celebration, marriage contract, power of attorney, civil union celebration, wills, mandates, civil wedding officiant, invitation letters, contentment letter to travel abroad, and more) at a reasonable price with a fast turnaround.

Notary in Laval  – Secure, worry-free real estate transactions

 Purchase and sale of a house, condo, refinancing, mortgage loans, mortgage financing, receipt, release – Notary’s fees and price list.

In most cases, it is the buyer who chooses the notary. If the buyers take out a mortgage to pay for their home or if they pay for it in full with their savings, the choice of the notary is theirs to make. An agreement can also be made between the parties. For example, the seller(s) might request their notary. If the buyer(s) sign the promise to purchase this way, this means they accept the seller’s notary. But, very important: the notary is required by law to be impartial with each party to the transaction. Mtre Leopold Lincà will be pleased to explain the steps involved in the real estate transaction and to protect you in case of unexpected events.

Notary in Laval  – Notarial will

 Notary price for a notarial will (amendment, wills search, will revocation), estate liquidation – fees, honorary, cost, fees associated with drafting the document.

 What is a notarized will?

A notarial will is written by a notary. Notaries can write a will that follows the legal rules, that reflects your wishes and takes into account your family and financial situation.

Here are the main rules:

  • A notarial will must be written in English or French.
  • The will must indicate the place and date it was signed.
  • You must sign it before the notary and a witness. Sometimes two witnesses are necessary.
  • The will must then be read to you so that you can declare that reflects your last wishes. The reading can also take place in the presence of the witness (if you require that from the notary, because the notary has a professional secrecy duty to the client), or if you prefer, in the presence of the notary only.

Note that a lawyer can also draft a will, but it will then be a different type: a will “made in front of witnesses”, not a notarial will.

Civil union celebration

Civil unions entered into in Quebec are valid in Quebec. However, they might not be recognized elsewhere in Canada or in another country. It’s best to contact a lawyer or notary to find out how your civil union might be viewed somewhere else if you plan to move. For example, you could be faced with unexpected problems if you break up or your partner dies. Civil-union couples who want to adopt a child from another country might not be able to if that country requires the adopting couple to be married. The uncertainty around the recognition of a civil union outside Quebec is probably the main reason why couples prefer marriage to a civil union by far.

Notary in Laval  – Marriage celebration and marriage contract

Your Notary – A Valuable Partner

In order to have a valid marriage, some conditions must be respected. The spouses may also decide to sign a marriage contract before a notary. A marriage contract must be notarized, which means the spouses must sign it in front of a notary. For some legal advice on how a marriage contract can be useful in your situation, don’t hesitate to contact a notary.

When to Sign a Marriage Contract

The spouses can sign a marriage contract before they are married; it will come into effect on the day of the marriage. The spouses can also sign a marriage contract after they are married; it will come into effect on the day they sign it. For example, if the purpose of the contract is to change the spouses’ matrimonial regime, it will end the matrimonial regime that applied from the day they were married until the day they signed the marriage contract. Therefore, property the spouses acquired before they signed the contract might have to be partitioned or divided between them. You can contact a notary to learn more about the consequences of signing a marriage contract after you get married.

Advantages of Signing a Marriage Contract

Choosing a Matrimonial Regime. Spouses and future spouses can choose the matrimonial regime that is right for them in a marriage contract. A matrimonial regime provides the rules for managing the spouses’ property while they are married and at the end of the marriage, for example, if the spouses divorce, or their marriage is cancelled or if one of them dies. Spouses can enter into a marriage contract to choose a matrimonial regime such as separation as to property or create a regime that meets their particular needs, as long as it’s not against the law. Couples can use a marriage contract to establish more flexible rules based on their objectives.

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