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Writing a will before a notary and the importance of a notarial will in Quebec. Are you currently consulting a notary in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil for your will? You probably made a responsible decision, because you know the importance of such a document. Why should you call a notary to settle a succession?

First of all, because you want to spare your heirs the hassle, considering the fact that a notarial will is a safe bet, and it has all the advantages of a legal document which respects the standards and norms of this domain.

Secondly, because the notarial will doesn’t have to be verified after death, which is not the case of holographic wills or of wills in front of witnesses.

Do you want to know the costs of writing a will by a notary? You’re in the perfect place!

Having acquired significant experience in the drafting of notarized wills, Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary Montreal, will be able to present the advantages of a notary will and he’ll also be able to advise you and to present to you in detail the costs you will have to expect. You’ll come to understand that the price of a notarized will may prove to be less burdensome than the costs of trials and tax audits which are needed in the case of holographic wills or wills in front of witnesses. Without mentioning the efforts that your heirs will have to submit in these cases.

It is never easy to think about writing a notarized will and yet you have the right to dispose of your property and assets as you please. Knowing that the assets in which you have invested your time and your resources have remained in good hands will be reassuring. In fact, it is this peace of mind that you are looking for and that is precisely what you’ll get if you choose a notary will.

What are the possible types of wills?

You can choose between three types of wills: the holograph will, the will in front of witnesses and the notarial will.

The advances of a notarial will – Why choose the drafting of your will in front of a notary?

A first advantage of this option is the fact that the notarial will initially be your legal adviser, exposing to you all of the benefits and all of the consequences of such a document.

The second advantage, which is also the most important one, is that the notarized will is the safest one of your options, since it does not run the risk of becoming lost, hidden, modified or destroyed. Your notary is obliged to keep the original will safely in his office and even if you lose your copy or if someone destroys it, the original will remains in a safe place.

Moreover, all notarized wills must be entered in the Register of Wills of the Chamber of Notaries. On the death of a person, the law of Quebec provides a testamentary research to find the last will of the deceased. Even if your loved ones are not aware of the fact that you have drafted your will before a notary, they will be informed and they will respect your last wishes.

A final great advantage of the notarial will is that your loved ones will not have to bear other expenses and hassles, as the notarial will is applicable right away and without the need of further formalities. On the other hand, the holograph will and the will in front of witnesses will always have to be verified by the courts or by a notary, within a specific time limit and at significant prices.

Notarial will the price and the costs reasonable. Write your notarized will according to the laws of Quebec by choosing from now on a dedicated, rigorous and flexible notary. Choose Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary!

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